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Why use a DI for recording?

Converting the unbalanced high impedance signal from the instrument to a balanced low impedance signal for the recording console helps reduce electromagnetic noise induction, enables you to run longer cables and properly matches the input impedance for a better sound.

How does the StageBug SB-1 compare to the Radial J48?

Both employ similar audio paths. Where they differ is that the J48 is designed for professional touring where noise problems due to the power systems can cause havoc. Also, on a concert stage a DI box must provide greater flexibility particularly during hectic setups. The J48 employs a more advanced power supply that enables the ground to be lifted without losing phantom power, a high-pass filter to eliminate resonance and a stereo-to-mono merge function.

How does the StageBug SB-1 compare to the ProDI?

The ProDI is passive while the StageBug is (of course) active. Sonically, this is like comparing a dynamic mic with a condenser. Condenser mics have more reach. The benefit to the ProDI is the expensive transformer that it has inside. This helps eliminate ground loops that may be present on larger stages, particularly when combining an instrument with a stage amplifier.

Why select the StageBug SB-1 over another DI?

The StageBug SB-1 is super compact to fit in a guitar case, is road-ready tough and sounds amazing! This makes it a perfect DI for someone who plays weekend coffee shops and does not want to send their guitar signal through a cheap sounding direct box.

What do I do if the PA system does not have phantom power?

This is unlikely. If the PA system does not have phantom power, it is probably over 40 years old!

Can I use a battery to power the StageBug SB-1?

No. The StageBug SB-1 only works with 48 volt phantom power.

Why is there no power on-off switch on the StageBug SB-1?

Turing on or off an active direct box can cause a huge pop in the PA system. It is much safer to simply leave it on. As soon as you disconnect it after the show, it will automatically turn off.

Can I connect a piezo transducer to the StageBug SB-1?

Yes, but you will likely get better results using the StageBug SB-4. This DI is optimized with a very high input impedance to smooth out and extend the low frequency performance of a piezo transducer.

Does the SB-1 accept a stereo input and merge the signal to mono?

Yes, The SB-1 is equipped with an auto-merge feature that will combine the left and right outputs of a keyboard or another stereo device. Simply connect the left and right outputs of your device to the Input and Tuner jacks.

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