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How does the StageBug SB-2 compare to the Radial ProDI?

The SB-2 uses the more affordable Eclipse ET-DB3 transformer and reduces the feature set in order to make it smaller and less expensive. The ProDI is flat from 20Hz to 18kHz while the SB-2 is flat from 30Hz to 17kHz.

Which StageBug is better for an acoustic guitar: the active SB-1 or the passive SB-2?

This is like comparing a dynamic mic to a condenser mic. Both will work well, but due to the extra ‘air’ in the high end, most acoustic guitarists tend to prefer an active direct box like the SB-1.

Does the SB-2 need power to make it work?

No. You do not need a battery or 48V phantom power. You merely plug & play.

How long of an XLR cable can be used?

When driving the SB-2 with an active source, you can easily extend 100 meters (300′) without loss. With a passive instrument like an old Fender bass, a shorter cable will result in less loading. You would probably want to keep this down to 30 meters (100′) so that the audible effects are minimized.

What is loading?

When using a passive bass like an old Fender, the output signal from the instrument is generated by the pickup. As such, there is no ‘power steering’ to drive the signal as there is in an active bass. When you load the pickup with the direct box and hundreds of feet of cable, some of the energy that normally would be sent to the stage amplifier will be lost. This effect is called loading.

Can I still use the SB2 with a passive bass?

Yes of course. You will only notice a drop in level when you have a super long cable attached at the XLR output.

Can I use the SB-2 with a stereo keyboard?

You will need to take the mono output as the SB-2 is a single channel device. For stereo use, we recommend the Radial ProD2 or the Duplex.

Do you recommend using the SB-2 for professional rentals or touring?

No. Not because it sounds inferior, but because the small size makes it much too easy to steal. Also, larger DIs like the JDI, ProD2 and J48 have more features, are more flexible and therefore can cover more bases. The SB-2 is focussed on what it does and is designed for the musician to bring along to a gig.


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