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Will Phantom power harm the SB5W or my computer?

No. The transformers will block the DC voltage and protect your laptop and tablet at the same time!

How does the SB5W work without power?

The audio transformers are specially designed to do this without any power whatsoever. Because they are very efficient, you only need the output from your audio source to drive the system.

Can I mount the SB5W next to a light switch or power receptacle?

No. Never combine low power devices like the SB5W with high power from your electrical system. These two should be kept completely separate at all times.

Can I sum the signal mono and feed two separate PA systems at the same time?

Yes. Once the signal is summed mono, you can feed two systems at the same time.

Can I connect to the SB5W using the RCA jacks and then use the 3.5mm as a thru output?

Yes. But keep in mind this is a straight-through connection without buffers or isolation. This could introduce noise into the audio system.

Can I use speaker wire from the output of the SB5W to the mixer?

No. Speaker wire is not shielded nor is it wound in a noise cancelling twisted pair format. This would make the system prone to picking up outside noise.

Can I use the SB5W with a guitar or bass?

You can, but as it is designed for line level sources, you may experience some background noise. A better choice would be a traditional Radial DI box like the ProDI.

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