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How does the SB-6 work without power?

It employs very efficient audio transformers as the engine. Transformers are passive devices that do not require power to make them work.

Can 48V phantom power harm the SB-6?

No. The transformers simply block DC voltage and treat it as if not there.

Will I experience any signal loss?

Usually any loss will be minimal, unless you are converting from a balanced signal to an unbalanced one. In this case, the loss could be about -6dB which is compensated for by increasing the gain levels.

Can I use the SB-6 with keyboards and digital pianos?

Yes. With highly dynamic instruments, make sure you engage the -10dB pad to avoid overloading and saturating the transformer.

Can I use the SB-6 to quiet down my hi-fi system?

Yes, of course. Simply make up RCA to ¼” cables for easy interfacing.

Will the SB-6 work on a sub-woofer?

Yes, absolutely.

What is the story behind Eclipse transformers?

Eclipse is Radial’s house brand. These are transformers that have been designed and tested by Radial and/or Jensen to meet a more affordable price point.

How does the SB-6 compare to the Radial Twin-Iso™?

The Twin Iso employs much larger transformers that are designed to handle very high +24dB signal levels that are encountered in concert touring PA systems and broadcast. The SB-6 is able to handle about +14dB which is plenty for instruments, consumer electronic devices and many pro-balanced applications.

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