This product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping. Manufacturing specs and user information is provided below for owners of the product.

SubMix 4x1 Line Mixer

Part # R700 0170 00

About the SubMix

  • 4×1 line mixer for 500 series racks
  • AccuState circuit for low noise at all levels
  • Individual input level controls
  • Use with instruments and line level devices

The Submix is an ultra-quiet 4×1 mixer module that allows you to simultaneously combine multiple audio feeds such as line level devices, studio effects, or instruments such as keyboards or drum machines. 

SubMix Applications

Using the Submix with Keyboards

The Submix is the perfect little mixer to mix keyboards into your recording system. Use two together for stereo by sending the left outputs to one and the right outputs to the other.

Using the Submix for auxiliary inputs

No matter how big the studio, there never seem to be enough handy inputs! The Submix makes it easy to bring tape returns and stereo feeds into your 500 series rack. Just plug in and set the levels!

Using the Submix with effects

Use the Submix as an effects return when combining multiple pedals. It works with guitar pedals, line level devices or use it to record instruments.