SubMix FAQ

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Can I use the Submix in my API Lunchbox?

Yes. The Submix is 100% compatible with older API racks.

Can I plug a guitar or a bass directly into the Submix for clean recording?

Yes. The Accustate input circuit is designed to enable low-level instruments and high-output line level signals to be used. Simply adjust the input level and you are set go!

How will this sound compare to a Radial JDV-Pre?

The JDV-Pre is a specialized device that is optimized for instruments while the Submix is more of a general application mixer. The JDV-Pre will give you a more detailed sound while the Submix will give you more channels.

Is there a way to get the Submix to produce stereo outputs?

No. The internal buss is mono. You would use two Submix modules together to create a stereo setup.

Why do I need a Radial Workhorse to access the Omniport?

The Omniport function is something that we created and was not part of the original API spec. Unused pins on the 15-pin card edge connector were used to enable this function. So it is only available on Radial power racks at this time.

What will the feed switch on my Workhorse do when connecting one Submix into another?

It will take the output from the first module and feed it into input-1 of the second module. This will create a 7 x 1 mixer with channel-1 on the second unit acting as a sub-group master.

How would you characterize the sound when using the Submix for analog summing?

This depends. On its own, the Submix is a very simple mixer that will not impart much in the way of character or personality. This can be good or bad depending on what you are doing. Patching the Submix through a Workhorse mixer will introduce transformers which in turn will add more color.

Can I connect balanced signals to the Submix?

Yes. Although the inputs are unbalanced, the Submix will automatically take a balanced signal unbalance it and lower the input by about 6dB and the rebalance the mixed signal at the output.

Can I turn phantom on and use the Submix with condenser mics?


What position reflects unity gain on the Submix 500?

Unity gain is at approximately 12 o’clock on each input level control of the Submix.

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