Tank Driver

Spring Reverb Interface

Balanced Reverb Tank Interface

The Tank Driver is a unique 500 series modules that allows you to drive balanced line level signals through guitar amp reverb tanks, optimized to work with both modern and vintage spring reverb models.

  • Balanced interface for guitar spring reverbs
  • Use the spring reverb in your guitar amp for mixing
  • Add unique reverb effects to your recordings
  • Optimized drive circuit for low noise operation

Create unique tones with your existing spring reverb

With the Tank Driver, you can take any balanced line level signal or prerecorded track and play it through your favorite spring reverb. Think of it like a Reamp device for the reverb tank in your amplifier, allowing you to send vocals, drums, or any audio material through any spring reverb for a whole new palette of sonic options. The design begins with a transformer coupled output driver with normal and high settings for new and old spring reverbs alike. Separate drive and return controls allow signal optimization to maximize signal to noise. To further tailor the tone, the Tank Driver is equipped with two tone controls that let you adjust the high end (shimmer) as well as low frequency content (boom).

Tank Driver Applications

Tank Driver with Spring Reverb

If you have an old amplifier that is not working, you can pull the spring reverb out of the box and set it on a table. Connecting to and from the spring reverb and the Tank Driver is easy and most spring reverbs are clearly marked with input and output.

Tank Driver with Fender Twin

Simply disconnect the two RCA connectors going to the spring reverb and connect the Tank Driver as described above. Different amps will often have different reverb tanks. Smaller tanks will have a shorter decay. Have fun… experiment!

Stereo set-up

For even more fun… take a pre-recorded stereo track and send it through two Tank Drivers. This retains the full stereo effect and lets you alter the reverb tank to create unique spatial effects. Try it on a drum track and then mix it in… it's wild!


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