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Can I use any spring reverb with the Tank Driver?

Yes. Most spring reverbs are made from Accutronics or are copies of this old standby. Therefore, you will find that the Tank Driver will work well with pretty much all reverb tanks.

Can I use the Tank Driver like the EXTC for pedals?

You can try, but it may not sound very good. The Tank Driver tone circuit has been optimized to work with the frequency response of a typical reverb tank. Pedals tend to sound best with a flatter, unaltered tone.

Is there a way to adjust the decay time of a spring reverb?

No. Think of the reverb control when you are playing guitar; you do not set the length of decay, but the intensity of the reverb. To change the decay tome you would have to change the length of the spring.

Can I use the Tank Driver with instruments like drums?

Absolutely! Try it on everything! It may work great… you never know!

Will the tank driver sound different on guitar than via the amp?

You will likely find that when you use the tank driver, the tone will improve as we have created a dedicated device to perform the task or controlling the reverb as opposed to a low cost extra feature on a guitar amp. Also, the added tone controls and transformer isolation will help further enhance the tone while reducing noise.

When set to extremes, I hear lots of noise. Is this normal?

Yes. Reverb tanks are old clunky mechanical effects that are quite unsophisticated. This is what makes them cool. You just have to be careful to keep the controls set to optimize signal to noise. Unless your band is Nine Inch Nails… then everything goes!

Why did you paint the Tank Driver in a nutty camouflage?

Because we want you to only use it sparingly, it will surely get lost. The paint job will make it hard to find!

Will the Tank Driver work on reverb tanks with different input impedances?

The Tank Driver will work with any reverb tank that is 600 ohms or higher. Lower impedances will result in a signal that is far too low to be useable.

Was the Tank Driver designed with a specific reverb tank in mind?

We built the Tank Driver to sound good with virtually any reverb tank, without having one specific model in mind. While much of our testing was done with industry-standard Accutronics spring reverbs, you will find that any model of tank will work with the Tank Driver.

Will the Tank Driver work on reverb tanks with different input impedances?

Yes. The Tank Driver has been tested on tanks with input impedances up to 10k ohms, all with good results. Each reverb tank will produce a unique sound, so feel free to experiment!

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