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Is the Tossover similar to an equalizer?

No, not really. Equalizers are used to enhance or cut back certain frequencies while producing an overall tone shift. The Tossover is used to remove frequencies so that everything above or below a certain range is completely taken out. The Tossover is primarily used in combination with other processors to create unique effects.

Is the Tossover in fact pretty much the same as a crossover?

Yes. The advantage is that it is designed to work within the 500 series format, making it very convenient.

Is the Tossover compatible with all 500 series Lunchbox racks?

So long as the rack follows the standard 15-pin assignment, it should work correctly.

Is there a way to access both high-pass and low-pass outputs separately using an older API rack?

No, not as separate outputs like you can with a Workhorse. You can create the same effect by layering tracks and processing them separately or by using two Tossovers at the same time.

Is the Omniport function on all Radial 500 series power racks?

Yes. The Workhorse, Powerhouse, Cube and Powerstrip all have the extra Omniport jack built in.

What makes Moog & Oberheim 4-pole filters special?

These 24dB per octave low-pass filters are known to be warm and fat sounding. The Tossover is equipped with a 24dB per octave filter setting to create similar effects.

Why are the two filters (frequency range) different?

We graduated the frequency controls so that each one would be more effective in a given range. The frequency range in the HPF and LPF provide a wide enough range to create most desired effects.

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