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Can I use the Trim-Two on instruments such as acoustic guitar or bass?

The Trim-Two is designed for buffered signals. This means that it can be used with an active source such as an active bass or acoustic guitar with built-in electronics. However, the transformers in use are not designed for instruments. The ProDI or ProD2 would be a better choice.

Will phantom power from my mixer harm the Trim-Two?

No. The internal transformers will block the 48V phantom power.

Can the Trim-Two be connected to the line input of a mixer?

Yes. However the Trim-Two is a passive device that will only pass the signal from the source. This means that if the source level is low, the output may be too low to drive a line input.

Why is there no pad switch on the Trim-Two?

It is not required. The ‘trim’ level control replaces a traditional pad.

Where does the Trim-Two derive its power?

No power is needed. The Trim-Two employs two very efficient Eclipse transformers to manage the signal path. These passive devices do not require power to make them work.

Will the Trim-Two change the tone of the source?

Although all electronic devices impart some degree of personality on a signal, the exceptionally good performance of the two Eclipse transformers will yield a very natural tone with very low distortion.

What is the output level of the Trim-Two?

Unlike a typical DI box that reduces the input to produce a mic level output, the Trim-Two is a unity gain device. In other words, the output closely mimics the input. Simply set your mixer’s input sensitivity to match.

Why should I not use the Trim-Two on a passive bass?

Because passive instruments have very low outputs and the transformers inside the Trim-Two are optimized for higher output instruments such as keyboards.

Can I use the Trim-Two on a speaker output?

No. A speaker level output could damage the Trim-Two.

Can I connect an balanced source to the Trim-Two?

Yes, but it is not ideal. To build the appropriate XLR to ¼” cable, connect the pin-2 hot to the tip and the pin-1 ground to the sleeve. However, connecting to the Trim-Two in this manner will force the balanced signal to unbalanced and can cause issues with noise to occur. Doing so will also reduce the balanced output by 6dB, but this can easily be made up by increasing the level on the Trim-Two and the mixing console.

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