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Activate your Radial Warranty

Thank you for trusting Radial with your signal. To activate your warranty please register the device in the form below.

We know our devices take a beating and we designed them to live up to the Radial name, but in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue, we’ll be happy to repair or replace any defective workmanship or materials. Your warranty will cover any repairs or installed replacement pats for up to a year of purchase. Some products go even further with a three year transferable warranty. Visit the warranty page to learn more.

Note: Warranty does not cover shipping costs, product appearance or damages caused by accident, abuse, alterations or misuse. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

Why should you register?

Besides the excellent customer service you will get if anything unfortunately goes wrong with the product, registering your warranty will give you access to our giveaways and latest new product releases.

Submit Warranty Request

To request a warranty repair please contact our TECHNICAL SUPPORT team and we will reply within a couple business days.