Orchestral Artists

Adam Levin

Drums - X-Ambassadors

"The J48 gives the acoustic guitar pure clarity and brightness, and we run our keyboards through ProD8’s and smooth and pure sounding. The SW8 on our playback system is industry-standard unmatched by anything else on the market. Radial gear is our go-to for our live shows."
Andrea Zonn www.andreazonn.com

Violin and vocals - James Taylor, Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett

"Integrating the Radial PZ Deluxe into my signal path has taken my sound that important step towards making my violin sound, well, like an actual violin.

I absolutely love it."
Billy McClaran myspace.com/billymcclaran

Multi-instrumentalist - Sarah Evans, Gavin DeGraw, Roy Clark, Marty Stuart

"The J48 active DI is the workhorse of the modern touring world. After years of using other direct boxes and trying to EQ my sound, the J48 gave me everything I wanted straight out of the box! Not only do they have an amazing sound, it is the most durable DI I have ever owned. If you are looking to improve the core tone coming from your piezo pickup, look no further than the J48 Active DI!"
Boston Pop Orchestra - Steve Colby www.bso.org

"The great ongoing challenge with reinforcing the Boston Pops is achieve a convincing blend of amplified and unamplified instrumentalists. With the great sonics of the PZ-DI, we are easily able to blend bass and acoustic guitar into the natural sound of the orchestra."
Brian Brignac

Drummer/Producer - Jimmy Buffett, Sonny Landreth, T. Graham Brown, Fats Domino

"Radial JDI and J48s are hands down the most used DIs I've seen on stages around the world. They are my DIs of choice."

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Bryan Devendorf

Drummer/Co-Founding member of The National

"DIs are something you don't want to worry about. I use a Radial ProD2 for my drum machines.
It's very road worthy, delivers a warm, true sound to front of house and is an important part of my live set up. I highly recommend them."
Carl Broemel carlbroemel.com

Saxophone - My Morning Jacket

"I have had great luck with the Voco-Loco on stage and in the studio to incorporate guitar effects pedals with my saxophone. The preamp and EQ sections sound great, also the ability to bring FX in and out, as well as mute on a loud stage is key."
Dan Hochhalter fiddlindan.com

Multi-instrumentalist - Dierks Bentley, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, OneRepublic, Zac Brown, Sheryl Crow

"I use Radial JDI and J48s for my acoustic instruments. I know that if I'm using Radial DIs, I can trust that my instruments will sound great."

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Darren Motamedy darrenmotamedy.com


"The Voco-Loco by Radial is the perfect supplement to any sax man's rig. Its fantastic gain structure allows me to deliver a balance signal to both FOH and monitors. The Voco-Loco also has a built in effects loop, so I no longer have to rely on audio crew having to send effects to my monitors. Thanks Radial for an amazing product."
Emily Robinson and Martie Maguire

Court Yard Hounds and Dixie Chicks

"We have been playing a long time, and we play mostly acoustic instruments, so it is really important for us to maintain as true a sound as possible with our DIs. From countless gigs, from clubs to stadiums, we have played through just about every kind of DI on the market. We CHOOSE to play through Radial DIs because they sound the best, and are the most durable and flexible DIs on the market. Our guitars, banjos, Dobros, fiddles and mandos all sound amazing and consistent through these great DIs!!!"
Frank Swart

Upright Bass - John Hiatt, Morphine, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Norah Jones

"I gotta tell ya... I went to a gig tonight, plugged my upright in to the PZ-Pre, flat, and it was like night and day compared to the Baggs that I've been using. Seriously, it was like lifting a veil off of my tone. I finally heard my bass tonight. Awesome!"
Ian Robinson


"For the first time in over 30 years, I have the crisp, clear tone I've been looking for. It is more than I'd hoped. The PZ-Pre's clarity and depth is amazing!"
Jason Mawory

Fiddle & Mandolin - Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Travis Tritt, John Fogerty

"The Radial JDI Duplex is built like a tank and sounds absolutely fantastic. I love it."
Jean Luc Ponty www.ponty.com

Violin - Frank Zappa, Elton John, John Mclaughlin, Al Di Meola

"The Radial PZ-Pre is the absolute top with my violins for the road as well as in the studio."
Jayson Brinkworth

Drummer - Aaron Pritchett, Jess Moskoluke, JD Fortune (INXS), Rick Tippie

"The Radial Hotshot DM1 is the ultimate solution to mute the vocal when not singing, to clean up a FOH mix for singing drummers. Thanks Radial."

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Jennifer Lynn Jennifer Lynn's LinkedIn

Electric Violin - The Violution, Frankie Moreno

"The Radial ProD2 is my go-to DI for both my acoustic and electric violins. Not only does it give me the warm and smooth tone that I love, but I can plug in directly to record and the sound is crystal clear."
Jimmy Mattingly https://twitter.com/mattinglyfiddle

Fiddle/Mandolin/Acoustic - Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks

"The ProRMP works great and doesn't mess with my sound. It actually warmed my tone up. Being an acoustic instrument person keeping the integrity of the tone is really important to all of us. It's a Tone Saver - exactly what I need."
Joe Cardamone www.theicarusline.com

Vocals - The Icarus Line

"Using stompboxes and other unconventional effects have long been part of my performances both on the stage and in the studio. The tedious task of figuring out how to make it all work in each setting has also been an age old conundrum. Enter the Voco-Loco. I have been waiting for something like this since I began making records. As per usual Radial delivers tools that feature uses for real-life artists. If you know Radial gear you already know that you're getting something that sounds sweet and that you could hammer nails with."
Joey Schultz www.Fauxgrassmusic.com

Banjo - Fauxgrass

"Finding the right preamp for a 5-string banjo has always been a struggle. The PZ-Pre not only captured the warmth and drive of the instrument but has eliminated the feedback I experienced with previous devices. I can say in full honesty that I have never been as comfortable on stage and worry free as I am now."
John Martin www.johnnoblemartin.com

Saxophonist - John Martin Quartet, Metamorphic, The Root Source, Roberto Pla, Georgio Serci, Liane Carrol, Guillemots

"I've done a lot of experimenting with different ways of using guitar pedals, running them at line level, impedance matching line transformers and some other devices also with effects loops. The Voco-Loco somehow just seems to work better than anything else I've tried, allowing my effects pedals to function to an entirely new level, with more clarity, warmth and stability. The Voco-Loco is the best solution I've found so far!"
Jordan Honsinger jordanhonsinger.com

Banjo Player - Cold Creek County

"The PZ-Pre has simplified my life on stage and in the studio! It has super flexible routing options, sounds great with my banjo/acoustic guitar, and it's built to endure all kinds of punishment!"
Justin Gray www.Justin-Gray.com

Jazz/Indian Classical Bassist and Composer

"The Radial PZ Pre is one of the most powerful tools in my rig. For anyone working with Piezo pickups, this is the only way to go. It sounds incredible!"
Karl Latham karllatham.com


"I use Radial JDIs, SGI, J48s. These are essential items in my studio. They sound great and provide me flexibility and options when tracking instruments."

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Lionel Ritchie www.lionelrichie.com

Recording Artist

"When my sound engineer changed the front end of my vocal channel to the Radial PowerTube preamp, Q4 EQ and Komit compressor, I stopped mid song and asked why we did not do this sooner? My vocal has never sounded better!"
Mark Douthit www.markdouthit.com

Saxophone - David Foster, Elton John, Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Toto, Vince Gill, Don Henley, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Larry Carlton, Keith Urban

"The Voco-Loco is the brains of my pedalboard and definitely makes sure I have control over everything. It's nice to have only one button that does the job of many. Sounds great too!"
Matt Nelson www.mattnelsonmusic.com

Cellist - Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, John Carter Cash, Michael 'El Shaddai

"The PZ-Pre sounds fantastic... pristine, natural and huge! In terms of features, the Radial folks have thought of absolutely everything. Also, it's built like an aircraft carrier. If you need a full-featured acoustic DI, this is the ticket."
Paul Hoffmanwww.greenskybluegrass.com

Mandolin - Greensky Bluegrass

"My acoustic mandolin tone is really important, when I use a transducer through my Radial J48 it is preserved and sounds great every time."
Randy Brecker www.randybrecker.com

Trumpet - Multi grammy award winning player

"The Voco-Loco is a great tool for horn players that use stomp boxes. It improves the quality of the signal, reduces noise and simplifies the signal chain."
Ryan Cavanaugh www.ryancavanaughbanjo.com

Banjo - Bill Evans, Sam Bush, Victor Wooten, Bela Fleck, Robben Ford

"The Radial PZ-Pre is now a staple in my palette.  It gives me a full, clean, and dynamic response, and authentically translates my banjo sound in any stage situation.  I'm never worried about my sound with the PZ-Pre."
Ryan Delahoussaye

Violin, multi instrumentalist - Blue October / Tufstrings

"When it comes to needing the best in sound quality and dependability, we use the SW8 by Radial. For Blue October there is no other choice than Radial."
Steve Smith

Drums - Journey, Vital Information, Larry Coryell, Mariah Carey, Jean Luc Ponty

"Pristine audio clarity with silky highs and a punchy low end makes the Radial ProD2 a no-brainer for me when it comes time to choose a DI."
Tim O'Brienwww.timobrien.net

Mark Knopfler, Alison Krauss, Steve Earl, Garth Brooks, Dwight Yoakam; Garth Brooks

"I use the PZ-DI for guitar or banjo and while it has no EQ, it's very friendly to those instruments. The guitar pickup is a K and K and it works best using the PZ-DI flat, although sometimes it helps to dial the low end down a bit. For the banjo, I tend to push the high end roll off button, but basically that box is just clean and fat and the sound guys have lots of good round signal to tweak."
Tommy Leewww.tommylee.com

Mötley Crüe

"Everyone at The Atrium recording studio loves all the Radial gear, and we have a bunch of it!!! Chris uses this magic phase box (the Phazer) for our kick drums to make it sound f...in' huge!!!"
Vince Maiwww.mai-music.com

Sarah McLaughlin, Divine Brown, Michael Bublé, The Powder Blues, Tom Jones, David Clayton Thomas, David Foster

"I'm really gassed about the Voco-Loco... It's changed the way I approach electronics and my horn."

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Vivek Maddalamaddala.com


"The rear panel ins and outs of the Radial WR8 rack are conveniently spaced and the overall build quality is outstanding. Some 500-series preamps I’m using step up the 16V lunchbox voltage to 24V, and the WR8 handles this like a charm. The WR8 has been noise-free, a pleasure to use and has become the centerpiece (audio device) of my control room."

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Warren Walkerwww.thekandinskyeffect.com

The Kandinsky Effect

"Just want to let you know that I absolutely love the Voco-Loco... It has pretty much changed everything for me in terms of using effects. Thanks again!"