Pete Mills

musician/ engineer/ producer – The Sweet Kill

"Growing up in the recording community at the Warehouse and Armoury Studios in Vancouver, BC I was exposed to the best gear in the world. Engaging in “tech talk” with Ron Obvious and John Vrtacic was always insightful to say the least. When a friend of mine asked me to record him I realized I had the aptitude to execute especially when his investor friend gave me a blank cheque to get us started. My first purchases were microphones, compressors, pre's and a Radial snake and DI. The DI was the key to a clean bass recording. I always love dirtying it up after the fact and the cleaner the signal the dirtier I can get it after tape. I discovered the JDV Mk3 DI box was just after I purchased a 1986 Gallien Kruger 800RB as an addition to my 1977 Ampeg SVT. The option to blend them intrigued me and once I embarked down this path I’ll never go back to just one amp ever again. I also love using the Radial passive DI’s for my live show performances as well. Thank you Radial for enhancing my craft."

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