Radial JDV Top View
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JDX 48™ Reactor™ Guitar Amp Direct Box

Part No. R800 1402

  • Captures sound of both the head and the cabinet
  • Delivers consistent tone - show after show
  • Works equally well on electric guitar and bass
  • Can be used with 48V phantom power or DC supply

The Radial JDX 48 Reactor is a direct box designed to capture the explosive dynamics and warmth of an electric guitar amplifier by connecting between the guitar amp head and speaker cabinet. This delivers a sound that is similar to a well-placed microphone while eliminating the frustrating inconsistencies.

The design begins with 100% discrete class-A circuitry and a transformer-coupled 'reactive load' that captures both the sound from the amp head along with the back electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. This produces a more realistic rendering than the usual resistive pad offered by other manufacturers. The signal is then processed via a carefully designed multi-stage filter to emulate the tone of a 4x12 half stack cabinet.

In use, the JDX 48 delivers greater consistency over a typical microphone as irregularities such as mic placement and varying acoustics no longer play the dominant role on stage. This is most appreciated when using in-ear monitors as the tone remains consistent from one show to the next, resulting in shorter setup times and a more comfortable audio feed for the artist.

Although originally designed for guitar, the JDX has also become a favorite on bass. The clarity and punch in the lower midrange delivers a tone that is reminiscent of an Ampeg SVT connected to an 8x10 cabinet. On guitar it sounds as if you have a Shure SM57 in front of a Marshall half-stack. This new version also offers greater power handling for 300 watt amps and extended low end for deep bass frequencies.

The JDX 48 Reactor… the most natural sounding amp DI ever!

  • "Musicians love the JDX in their IEM's. That's a great compliment when you realize just how demanding these guys are about their sound."

    Kevin Madigan
    (Lucinda Williams)
    Kevin Madigan
  • "The JDX is nothing short of revolutionary! I can't believe the clarity and dynamics, yet it still retains the grind of my amp. It breathes!"

    Danny Miranda - Bassist
    Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Paul Rodgers, Meat Loaf)
    Danny Miranda
  • "Fans don't care about the technology... so long as the bass and guitars make Godzilla weep and hide like a beaten puppy. The Radial JDX works."

    Doug Short - FOH
    (Megadeth, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Aerosmith,
    Iron Maiden, Joe Cocker, Prince)
    Doug Short
  • "The Radial JDX is almost too good to be true. The artists hear the sound they are playing and I'm not fighting mic coloration any more. I just plug it in & turn it up."

    Jon Garber - FOH
    (Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Chely Wright)
    Jon Garber
  • "Folks do not realize how hard it is to make multiple guitar channels live happily together. With a JDX, mic placement is no longer an issue. It sounds like an SM57 on a 25W Celestion."

    Bradley Johnson - FOH
    (Aerosmith, Whitesnake)
    Bradley Johnson
  • "The JDX gave me all the character and distortion without the worries of bleed and feedback. I was so surprised how close it sounded to the SM57, I had to double-check the patch."

    Jim Warren - FOH
    (Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, Crowded House, Duran Duran)
    Jim Warren
  • "I tried the JDX because I was looking for a way to make the bass "poke" through in my mix. It is a great alternative to mic'ing a dirty cab. I have been using it ever since."

    Russ Giroux - FOH
    (Chicken foot)
    Russ Giroux
  • "Little did I know about the detail Radial adds to my overall sound until I tried the JDX. It's the little thing that makes a big difference."

    Silenoz - Guitarist
    (Dimmu Borgir)
  • "Consistent, coherent tone night after night. No mic stands getting kicked around ruining that precious sweet spot you spent all of that time obsessing over, it simply rocks! And the gigantic iso-cabs have been replaced with JDX's! "

    Eddie Mapp - FOH
    (Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots, Papa Roach, Black Label Society)
    Eddie Mapp
  • "My Radial boxes are in constant use. I love the JDX for recording amps...the SGI and X-Amp are so useful that I don't know how I managed without them before."

    Simon Gogerly - Mixer/Producer(U2, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani)
    Simon Gogerly
  • "The Radial JDX eliminates bleed and potential feedback while producing a familiar sound. The day to day consistency lets me bring the faders up with confidence"

    Kenneth H. Williams - FOH
    (Erykah Badu)
    Ken Williams

Phase Adjuster


Guitar Amp Load
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Flange Mount Adaptors

JDX 48™ Reactor™ - Applications
Using the Radial JDX 48 on guitar
The Radial JDX is connected in between the head and the cabinet where it taps a minute signal off the circuit. The reactive load captures both the sound from the head and the impulse from the cabinet for a more realistic tone.

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Using the Radial JDX 48 on bass
Bass guitar sounds amazing with the JDX! You get a fat low-mid punch and extra clarity that makes the bass stand out. It truly sounds like you are playing through an SVT with all the grind and drive… yet it is coming through the PA.
Using the JDX 48 with a mic and the Phazer
For even more fun, combine the direct sound of the JDX with a microphone. Use the Radial Phazer to time-align the two signals and be prepared for the biggest, fattest, most amazing tones ever. Careful… this is addictive!