Robert Scovill

Tom Petty, Matchbox Twenty, Prince, Def Leppard, Rush, Alice Cooper

"The Radial products are the most transparent, technically comprehensive devices I have ever run across. They are right at the top of my list of 'gotta haves'."

"In preparation for my upcoming Internet radio show "Road Crew Radio" I was positively thrilled to see that Radial has stepped up to produce this incredibly rugged audiophile caliber turntable pre and DI. It is truly 'road crew ready'."

"When PA system tuning demands file based playback, I immediately turn to my Radial USB Pro. It offers ultra-high quality output of my computer based hi-res files for very accurate system evaluation. Simple to use and totally effective."

"The Radial PZDI is totally my secret weapon for Piezo pickups used stringed instruments such violin, cello and acoustic guitars. The result is warm, clear and anything but brittle. A terrific asset to have in my kit"

"The Catapult is just a logistical live saver. That is all. A real life saver if you’re in quick need of some lengthy analog send and return lines between equipment racks or between rooms. Absolutely love it."

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