Dual-input Active Direct Box

Active Direct Box, Preamp, & Input Switcher

The Radial JDV™ is a premium active direct box and preamp that features two inputs that can handle almost any source, from active and passive instruments, to microphones and piezo transducers.

  • 100% discrete class-A active direct box
  • Combine instrument and microphone inputs and phase-align
  • Drag Control load correction for natural tone
  • Huge 30-Volt rails for exceptional headroom

The direct box that does it all

The JDV makes no compromises on available features or audio quality, opting instead to provide anything you could ever ask of a high-performance DI box. Designed for studio recording or pro-touring applications, the JDV provides exceptional headroom with massive 30-Volt internal rails, resulting in virtually zero distortion and producing an incredibly transparent and natural representation of your instrument. It has two inputs which can be individually selected or blended together and phase-aligned, with the ability to handle condenser mic's, piezo transducers, and the outputs of effectively any instrument. The balanced output can be set to mic or line-level, allowing you to bypass an additional preamp and connect directly to a recording interface for pristine studio recordings.

JDV Applications

Two bass guitars

Connect two instruments and switch between them using the optional JR-2 A-B footswitch. Adjust the levels to match. Then mute for quiet on-stage tuning using the JR-2 mute footswitch.

Acoustic guitar with a mic and pickup

Combine the sound of an under-the-bridge piezo with an instrument mounted microphone. Phase adjust the two sources using the built-in Radial Phazer for the most natural sound ever!

Electric and upright bass

Seamlessly switch between your electric bass and acoustic upright. Use either the piezo optimized inputs or the 48V phantom powered mic input to amplify your acoustic bass.


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