JDI Duplex Halloween Giveaway

As the nights grow longer and Halloween approaches, it’s time to delve into the spookier side of life as a musician.

Do you have an audio experience from the past that still sends shivers down your spine? Ever had gremlins possess the PA at a live show, or had a recording session that sounded like a banshee got into your monitors? We’ve all been there, and for some of us, those memories still haunt our dreams.

Sharing your eerie audio tales might provide some relief, and if not, a JDI Duplex will help keep the horrors to a minimum in the future. This 2-channel passive DI includes numerous connection types for mono or stereo sources and includes a Jensen transformer which’ll have the same effect on noise as garlic does on vampires.

Enter your email for a chance to win, and don’t forget to include your hair-raising story to double your chances. For even more opportunities to win, follow us on social media. Full contest details can be found below. The contest concludes on November 3rd.

So gather ’round the campfire, hold a flashlight under your chin, and share your most chilling audio anecdote with us…

Duplex Giveaway