Cab-Link FAQ

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I have two speakers with different impedances, can I use the Cab-Link to merge them?

We recommend only using cabinets that have the same impedance rating in Ohms (Ω).

What type of cables should I use with the Cab-Link?

Always use heavy-gauge speaker cables with the Cab-Link. Keeping the cable lengths as short as possible (under 1.5m) will help optimize performance. Only the line output can be connected to with a standard guitar cable.

How do I know whether to use the series or parallel inputs?

Which input you use depends on the impedance ratings of your speaker cabinets and the amplifier. Use the chart on the top of the Cab-Link to determine whether to connect using the series or parallel amp input.

Can I use the line out to feed a third speaker?

No, this is a line-level output that is designed to feed another amplifier or an external device such as a preamp. It does not provide a hot enough signal level to drive a speaker.

Can I use the Cab-Link to connect two amp heads to one speaker cabinet?

The Cab-Link is designed solely to connect two speakers with one amp head. To connect two amp heads to one cabinet and switch between each amp, use the Tonebone Headbone™.

Can I use the Cab-Link to switch between two speaker cabinets while using a single amp head?

The Cab-Link will allow you to connect to two cabinets simultaneously, but not switch between them. To switch between two cabinets using a single amp head, use the Tonebone Cabbone™.

Will the Cab-Link color the sound of my amplifier?

No, the Cab-Link provides a straight-wire passive connection, which won’t affect your tone.

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