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Why is the Baseline switch on the Elevator recessed while the photo show it as being normal?

After testing on stage, we found that moving all functions out of the way that are not required during a performance would reduce accidental switching. Photos with the switch protruding are from a pre-production run and will be changed.

Does the Elevator employ the same boost circuit as the Tonebone Switchbone?

Yes. Both pedals share the same class-A circuit architecture. Each one however is arranged with a different feature set.

Is the Elevator similar to the Big Shot PB1?

Yes. All of the Radial power boosters employ the same basic class-a circuit design stemming from the Radial JD7. Each is optimized for size, feature set and application.

Can I use any power supply to power the Elevator?

Any standard Boss-style 9V supply will work including any of the various multi-pedal power bricks that are commonly used today.

Can I power the Elevator with a 9V battery?

No. Unlike chip (IC) based power boosters that are super efficient, the Elevator employs a true class-A circuit that is not efficient. A battery would therefore go dead in no time.

Can I use the Elevator on bass?

Yes – absolutely!

Can I position the Elevator in the amplifier effects loop?

Yes. However if you intend to push the front end of your amp harder, you may find it works better in between your guitar and the amp head.

Is there a benefit of using true-bypass as opposed to the buffer?

Some guitarists think so. Thus the reason we make this available. Electrically speaking , buffering the signal will allow longer cable lengths with less noise. Drag Control will counter the effect of the buffer to make the signal sound more natural.

Is it better to place the Elevator before or after a wah pedal?

Wah and fuzz pedals sound best when they are coupled directly with the pickup. So as a rule of thumb, placing these before a buffer will result in a better tone. The problem however is that you may encounter more noise. Placing the Elevator before these will help. Try both to find the combination that works best on your pedalboard.

Is it better to use the Elevator before or after a distortion pedal?

This is never an easy answer. If you place the Elevator in front of the distortion or overdrive pedal, you will reduce noise. When the power booster is activated, this will increase the drive going into the distortion and therefore increase the effect. If you place the Elevator after the distortion you will be able to increase the output level without increasing distortion. Try both to see which one works best for your playing style.

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