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Will my tube amp blow up if it is not connected to a speaker?

Although unlikely, it is possible. If the amp head does not see a load, the transformer can heat up, which in turn could cause the insulation in the transformer to break down. The load resistor inside the Headbone is used to protect the tube amp from this occurrence.

Why can’t I use a regular ABY box to switch heads?

To put it simply, ABY boxes are not designed to handle speaker-level signals.

When using the Headbone, can I use my digital delay on the effects loop in my amplifier?

You can, but you have to be careful. If you allow your delay to continuously echo for a long period after your amp is no longer connected to the speaker, the load resister inside the Headbone may heat up and fail. Without a load, it could possibly cause damage to your amp. As we have no control over this situation, we cannot recommend this without disclosing the risk.

Can I use the Headbone with a MIDI foot controller?

Yes. Most MIDI switchers are equipped with a contact closure output jack. This would be connected to the Headbone’s Slingshot input remote control.

If I do not want to use the Slingshot remote, how far from the amps and speaker can I be?

Try to keep your cables under 6 meters (20′) in length. This will reduce the chances for any potential noise caused by electromagnetic fields penetrating your guitar cables.

Can I use the 16V or 18V output from my power brick?

You can, just note that this may shorten the lifespan of the internal voltage regulators. If you choose to do so, make sure you supply the Headbone with the correct polarity and sufficient current to do the job.

Are there any manufacturers that make multi-power supply bricks that have 15V outlets?

Yes; The Cioks® DC10 and AC10 both have 15V outlets for Tonebone pedals.

With a Headbone, can I use different pedals on each amp?

Yes. Simply connect your guitar to the Headbone and then insert the effects pedals between the Headphone’s guitar level outputs and your heads.

Can I use a speaker attenuator or load box with the Headbone?

Yes. It will act just like a speaker.

Can I have both heads active at once?

No. The Headbone only lets you select and use one head at a time.

The Headbone only has one speaker output. How do I connect a stack?

Most speaker cabinets are equipped with parallel jacks. Therefore, you would connect the Headbone to your first cabinet and from there, feed the signal to the second. Additionally, you could also use the Tonebone Cab-Link.

Can I run the output of a Headbone into the input of the Cabbone?

Yes. You can connect the output of the Headbone into the Cabbone and mix and match two heads with two speaker cabinets. This setup is awesome!

Is there a pause or break when switching channels?

Yes. The Headbone will mute for a very short period of time (approximately 20 milliseconds) as it disconnects one head and then reconnects the other.

Can I use the Headbone as a ‘load box’ with a tube amp?

No. The Headbone is NOT a load box.

Is there anything that can be done about the 20ms delay in switching on the Headbone?

No. The delay is required to ensure the two heads are completely disconnected from the loudspeaker in order to prevent any damage from occurring.

Can I connect to both the buffered and the direct inputs at the same time?

No, the direct input overrides the buffered input on the Headbone. As soon as a guitar cable is plugged into the direct input, the buffered input will be muted.

Is it safe if I only have one amplifier connected to the Headbone?

Yes! Just be sure not to switch to the second channel.

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