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Can I use the MC3 with the output of a power amp?

No. The MC3 circuit is unable to handle the type of output produced by a power amplifier. The MC3 is designed to be used with active monitors or before the amplification stage of your monitoring system.

Why is a passive switcher preferred over an active one?

Active switchers employ an amplification stage called a buffer to control the monitors. Although this makes hook up easier and often more flexible, it also introduces extra circuitry between the output of your recorder and your loudspeakers. This inevitably also introduces more noise, various types of distortion and coloration. Expensive high-end switchers avoid the problem by using relays and other means to control the levels.

How does the MC3 compare to high-end switchers?

In order to avoid the high cost involved with using stepped resistor banks and relays, the MC3 employs a custom wound dual potentiometer. Although not ideal, the exceptional level control is.

If the MC3 is passive, why does it require a power supply?

The power supply is used to power the headphone amplifier and the LED indicators.

Does the MC3 boost the signal?

No. All signal paths are passive other than the headphone amplifier.

Why did you not make the MC3 with a digital input?

A digital input would require a buffer in order to bring the signal back to analogue. Because the MC3 is passive, this is not possible. There are however many affordable switchers that handle digital very well.

Why is there no crossover for the subwoofer output?

Most subs are equipped with their own filter. Thus there is no need for a filter in the MC3.

Can the MC3 be used to switch audio signals in commercial installations?

Absolutely! It is a balanced line signal switcher with level controls.

How is the subwoofer summed to mono?

This is done actively to eliminate any loading or effect on the main loudspeakers. The sub out is unbalanced full range mono.

What is the AUX OUT used for?

This unbalanced stereo out can be used for various applications including feeding a headphone system, an external recorder, or even another studio monitor. Note that the output is in parallel with the headphones so it is really loud! Use the headphone level control to adjust.

If I just want to use the passive switching does the unit need to be powered?

Yes, power is required. Not for the signal path but to charge the relays that are used inside as switches.

I’m not getting enough level from the headphone output, is there something wrong with my MC3?

The headphone output on the MC3 follows the Master level control in the signal chain, so you will need to turn up the Master level in addition to the headphone level control. To listen only through headphones you can disengage the monitor select switches A and B to mute the signal to the speakers.

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