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Will the Nuance Select color the sound in any way?

The Nuance Select is designed to be as completely transparent as possible, so it should sound no different than if you connected a pair of high quality cables directly from your audio interface to the inputs of your studio monitors. This gives you the most accurate representation of your mix, while also providing all of the useful functionality built into the Nuance, such as monitor switching, level control, and multiple headphone amplifiers.

Can the subwoofer be activated with either set of monitors?

Yes, the Subwoofer output can be turned on and off independently, so you can activate it with either set of monitors.

Is there a filter on the subwoofer output?

No, the subwoofer output is a full-range signal without any low-pass filters affecting it.

Can I have both pairs of monitors active at the same time?

No, only one set of monitor outputs will be active at any given time. If you have the A monitors active and you press the switch for the B monitors, it will deactivate the A set and immediately activate the B outputs.

Can I have both stereo input sources active at the same time?

You cannot feed both SRC 1 and SRC 2 to any of the Nuance outputs at the same time, but you can feed SRC 1 to the speaker outputs, and SRC 2 to the either of the headphone outputs or the Aux output. This gives you the ability to send a cue mix to a musician listening on headphones, while you monitor the main mix on speakers (or on the second set of headphones, since each headphone output can be assigned independently).

Can I feed the Aux to balanced mono input?

No, the Aux output is unlike the other outputs on the Nuance Select. It sends a stereo signal over one TRS connector, with the left channel feeding the tip (T) and the right channel feeding the ring (R) on the TRS jack. You can connect this directly to headphone amplifiers that have a compatible Stereo TRS input, or use an adaptor cable to split the signal to two ¼″ jacks and feed the signal to two channels on another destination device.

What type of pot does the Nuance use for the main level control?

The Nuance Select uses a customized 21 position, 2 pole rotary switch with individual resistors to provide left-right level matching within 0.1dB at all steps. Unity gain is achieved when the pot is turned fully clockwise, and attenuation is provided in approximately 2dB increments, with an oversized chrome knob for precise adjustment.

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