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Can I connect a mic directly to the Phazer?
No. You must first connect the mic to a preamplifier and then to the Phazer, as it is designed to accept +4dB or -10dB line level signals. A microphone does not have sufficient output to drive the Phazer’s circuit.

Are the Phazer and Phazerbank identical?
Yes. The Phazer bank is basically four Phazers in a 19″ rack. Each of the four Phazers are identical.

What is the difference between the Phazer and Phazer 500?
The phase shift circuit is identical. The Phazer 500 adds a buffering circuit to drive the Workhorse mix bus.

Can I use the Phazer on stage on a bass amp to improve the mix in my monitors?
Yes. Bass players often complain of hot spots on stage where the sound can be very boomy or where the bass will completely disappear. This is caused by the interaction of the bass amplifier with the PA system. By inserting the Phazer into either the PA system or the line-level insert on the bass amplifier, this effect can be minimized.

Why not build the Phazer into a direct box?
Well, we originally did this, only to find out that nine out of ten times, the person who really needs to control the phase is at the mix position. Trying to adjust the phase of a 100W Marshall while standing right next to it is absolutely futile. You need to hear both sources to make a value judgment.

How does the Phazer compare to the Little Labs™ device?
Our friends at Little Labs make some really cool devices that are very well designed. They employ Class-AB circuits and chips and manage to make them sound just fine. The Radial Phazer is a pure Class-A device that employs discreet components (more old-school if you wish). We have found that the Phazer has been characterized as having a beefier bottom end. Both are very good and will compliment each other in any studio.

Can I use the Phazer like an effects pedal and sweep the sound?
Sure! You can create phase shifter effects by rotating the knob back and forth to create fun effects. Half the fun in recording is creating new sounds. The Phazer should be viewed as a fun tool to do just that.

Can I create a similar phasing effect by sliding tracks on my digital recorder?
Yes, however because the phasing effect in the Phazer is 100% analogue, it sounds very different. Sliding tracks is done on a sample by sample basis, it is not analogue… or fluid, it is stepped. The Phazer shifts phase in a completely analog or fluid mode. One engineer compared it to watching a movie versus using your eyes. When you slow down the film, you see each photo. Your eyes do not do this.

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