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Can I use an outlet adaptor or step-down transformer to connect the Power-1 to a power source in countries with a different electrical grid than 120V 50/60Hz AC?

No. The Power-1 is only designed to be connected to 120V 50/60Hz AC power sources, at this time Radial does not manufacture a similar rackmount power supply for use with other international power standards.

What is the maximum current load that the Power-1 can handle? What happens if this limit is exceeded?

The Power-1 is rated for 15A of current. If this load is exceeded the circuit breaker located on the rear panel will pop to help prevent damage to the Power-1 and other connected devices. Should this circuit breaker pop, unplug the Power-1 from the AC main power source and press in the circuit breaker to reset it, then power back up as normal with a lower load connected to the Power-1.

Why are the three front panel IEC power outlets always on, even when the on/off switch is turned off?

The front panel power outlets are always on for convenience when the Power-1 is installed in an equipment rack. This allows you to easily connect and charge various devices without needing to power on the entire rack at the same time.

What does the Protect LED indicate?

This is the fault protection indicator, and it lights up when the Power-1’s MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) is actively working, providing you with a visual indicator that the Power-1 and any connected devices are protected against high-voltage spikes from the main AC power source.

Are the rear panel IEC power outlets all the same?

Yes, all eight rear panel outlets operate exactly the same. Four of these outlets are spaced further apart to allow room for connecting large ‘wall-wart’ style power supplies.

How long is the hardwired power cable on the Power-1?

The power cable is approximately 9.5 feet long.

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