SixPack Specifications

The Radial SixPack is a 6 slot 500 series rack, intended to be used with all 500 series modules. The design follows the original specifications as developed by companies such as DBX and API while incorporating new features for added flexibility and connectivity. As the SixPack does not buffer or amplify the signal in any way, the specifications are essentially straight wire. Thus it does not introduce distortion or artifact, nor does it introduce any form of personality into the signal chain. As a power-rack, the SixPack is unmatched delivering more current per slot with more features than all others.

Audio circuit type: Connection buss from modules to connectors
Combatibility: Adheres to the Whos-Doc and VPR Alliance
Phantom Power, OmniPort
Input Connectors: 8 balanced XLR male, 8 ¼" TRS, 25-Pin D-Sub
Output Connectors: 8 balanced XLR female, 8 ¼" TRS, 25-Pin D-Sub
Extras: 6 slots; desktop format; 1600 milliamps available current; 266 mA per slot average current; Feed switch; Stereo link; D-sub pin wiring follows Tascam D-Sub standard
Construction: 14-gauge steel
Size (L x W x D): 6" x 7.5" x 12" (152 x 191 x 305mm)
Weight: 11lb (4.9kg)
Shipping size (L x W x D): 9.25" x 11.5" x 15.25" (235 x 292 x 387mm)
Power: External 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable

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Part no: R700 0108 00