Trimode FAQ

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What brand of tube is inside the Trimode?
it is typically a Ruby Tube 12AX7, however, this can change due to supply.

What happens if I change the tube to another brand?
Changing the tube will only affect the sound slightly.

How do I change the tube?
Complete instructions with pictures are provided in the Plexitube user guide.

Will the tube get hot?
Because we are ‘starving’ the tube with low voltage, the tube will last a long time and will never get very hot. The air vents on the side panel provide sufficient ventilation to keep the Trimode running cool.

Can I use the 18V output from my power brick?
You can, just note that this may shorten the lifespan of the internal voltage regulators. If you choose to do so, ensure that you supply the Trimode with the correct polarity and sufficient current to do the job.

Are there any manufacturers that make multi-power supply bricks that have 15V outlets?
Yes! The Cioks DC10 has a 15V outlet for Tonebone pedals.

Is the FX loop before or after the distortion stage?
The effects loop is post distortion.

I’ve recently noticed a loss of signal on channel 2 when using the Trimode, is there something wrong with the pedal?
Channel 2 of the Trimode is normalled through the insert jack on the pedal. If the insert jack is typically unused it may need to be exercised from time to time. Simply insert and remove a standard guitar plug a handful of times and the problem should go away.

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