Aaron Mclain

Air Supply, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez

"I recently started using the Tonebone AC-Driver in my studio, and to no surprise, it sounds great. Sometimes for TV cues I need to plug my acoustic in direct to get a good acoustic sound due to time constraints. Using the AC-Driver really helps with that, giving me more of an authentic acoustic sound."

"The PreMax 500 module by Radial is a very clean and great sounding preamp. It works well with my acoustic and electric guitars. I love the EQ feature which helps to dial in the right tone."

"My X-Amp 500 is an awesome tool in my studio. I'm able to run 2 amps simultaneously which allows me to get a really fat guitar sound, not to mention the Re-amping capabilities. The X-Amp 500 module by Radial really helps to keep my options open."

"My SixPack 500 power rack from Radial is now an essential part of my studio. My modules work perfectly and the link features are extremely useful."

"I really can't say enough about my Radial JDX 48 Amp DIs. Using the JDX 48s means I can count on great tone in my studio even at low volumes. The sound that I get is very clean and transparent. I'm able to increase my work flow knowing I don't have to spend as much time placing mics in front of my cabinets. I just leave them set and I can spend more time playing and creating music."

"the JDV Pre is fantastic. I absolutely love it"

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