Allan Bates

Monitor Engineer - Bob Moses, Flight Facilities / Tour Manager & Tech - Bob Moses, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

"The Catapult Minis are life savers on festivals. When I'm on a festival patch and moving risers, they allow me to pull a single cable rather than unpatching stage boxes, saving time and room for error."

"When stage power is unpredictable, I need to have the Twin-Iso nearby. I’ve witnessed these lower noise floors by 25dB. You don’t always have time to properly troubleshoot the hum, and that’s why this thing has earned its spot in my Pelican case."

"I love having the Power-2’s protection at the heart of my rig. The adjustable light is great, since a dim red is better for seeing my racks at a show without drawing attention, or I can go bright green to show off. Plus the light bar makes the perfect phone rest for when I’m using the front usb charger. And, you know not worrying about my gear taking a surge helps me sleep easier."

"The HDI is my go to bass or key DI. Sounds amazing and detailed without driving the distortion circuits, but pushing into the color and presence gives a bit of the grit you need to make things cut through."

" The Six Pack is also a favourite. I try to travel light and strategically, so it’s nice to be able to fit a couple analog channel strips in a small format."

Radial Gear

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