Audley Freed

Black Crowes, Cry of Love, Joe Perry, Chris Robinson, Dixie Chicks, Peter Frampton

"Having the Loopbone in my pedal board makes everything easier. This pedal is so versatile I'll be using it in lots of different ways for different situations. The Drag™ control is just what the doctor ordered for certain pedals."

"The main thing I love about the Switchbone is it's full of great features, and it's totally easy to use at the same time. That's because all the things it does are innovative, sensible and most of all, really useful. It's on my live pedalboard on every tour I do and has been for years. Essential."

"The Elevator is a hit! Straight out of the box it sounds good and is a no brainer to operate, which I really like. Thanks again to Radial, I’m enjoying my Elevator every night."

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