Jeff Bihlman

Bihlman Brothers, Emmy award winner - soundtrack

"The Radial Elevator is the cleanest, quietest and dynamic boost pedal I've ever used. It heats up the amp just enough to growl a little on the clean tone, while leaving you a with a ton of volume headroom. With 5dB of mid boost, it pushes the gain channel enough to soar above the mix! And here's the kicker... it leaves the tone you worked so hard to get in tact! This thing is amazing! The Elevator has found a permanent place on my pedalboard!"

"We used the SGI TX in the studio because we wanted to isolate the amp in a booth. We had to drive the signal through 100ft of cable and there was absolutely no noise, loss of signal or guitar tone! And the Drag knob allowed us to gently tweak the tone at will... This little box is the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time! Another fantastic piece from my friends at Radial."

"The Trimode is like a 3 channel tube amp on the floor with 2 different distortion tones, individual gain, EQ and volume. No more tap dancing to get that lead tone with FX. This thing is sick! And like every Radial pedal, it's built like a tank!"

"The London just plain kicks ass! The distortion is creamy and responsive. The bypass and individual volume controls are genius. Roll off the guitar volume, it cleans up beautifully without losing the high end us Strat players love! You get 3 channels with massive creamy distortion, crunch for funky rhythms and in bypass mode you're back to your pure amp tone!"

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