Jeff Waters


"I’ve been a Radial Engineering user for exactly 20 years, starting with a prototype of the JD7 and pretty much jumping from there, right into dozens of products that followed. "

"Whether it was DI boxes for touring/studio, Tonebone’s or re-amping systems, they have obviously been the “go-to” company for the biggest tours, right down to home recording and starting-out musicians… their products are the best out there and are also affordable. Add to that, their artist and customer relations are second to none. Thanks, Radial."

"The Hot British gives me many different 'degrees' of warmth and distortion that I need for crunchy, yet tight, rhythm metal guitar playing. For soloing, I can find various settings that give me distinctly different solo sounds, from clean and 'bitey', to messy and ear-piercing... all this from one pedal. The Hot British is amazing. "

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