Marty Stuart

Solo artist and country music mainstay

"I believe a musician's tone is their signature and Radial helps me define who I am."

"Radial has done it again. The Elevator is a great piece of gear that specializes in maximizing power and tone quality. The drag control is essential in achieving my tone with the variety of vintage pickups that I use. One touch of the button and my guitar goes from black and white to color. Congratulations to Radial, one of my favorite companies on yet another fine innovation."

"The Radial PZ-DI seems at first glance like a very simple DI, but by engaging the low pass/high pass filters and adjusting the 3 position impedance selector I can get a rich tone in a matter of seconds. Getting a great tone shouldn't be complicated if you have great gear and the PZ-DI is proof of that."

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