Electronic Musician says the “Mix-Blender does its job flawlessly and is built to last”

August 18th, 2016

Electronic Musican magazine recently reviewed the Radial Tonebone Mix-Blender™ in their July 2016 issue. The Mix-Blender is a multi-function pedal that lets you mix two instruments or effects together and then send the combined signal through a mixer-style effects loop for processing. Designed to work with guitar, bass and keyboards, the Mix-Blender begins with two high-performance Class-A buffers for maximum fidelity. These lower the impedance to drive the signal further without noise. Individual volume controls on each channel let you mix the two inputs to suit and can be used to blend two pickups on an acoustic guitar, combine two pedals in parallel such as a chorus and a distortion, or to have two different instruments ‘live’ on stage – each set with the same output for quick changeovers.

Barry Cleveland pushed the pedal to its limits by using it with “several different guitars, a bass, a synth module, and effects pedals from vintage tone suckers to modern boutique boxes with true-bypass switching”. Barry’s verdict: the Mix-Blender is “Highly versatile. Rugged construction. Superb performance. Excellent value.”

Read the full review here.

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