Classic-V9 FAQ

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Does the Classic-V9 sound like the original Classic?
Yes! The Classic-V9 retains the tonal characteristics of the original.

Can I use any multi-pedal power supply with the Classic-V9?
Of course! Just be sure to power the Classic-V9 with 9-12V and a minimum of 60mA of current.

Is there still a tube inside the V9 like the original Classic?
No. The tube has been surgically removed and replaced with a new tube-emulating tone circuit.

What are the main differences between the original Classic and the V9?
The new Classic-V9 is more compact and is now powered by 9V.

Is the Classic-V9 a true-bypass pedal?
No. The Hot-British V9 employs Radial’s class-A buffer.

Can I use the Classic-V9 with my bass?
Absolutely! However, when using a distortion pedal with bass, it is typically preferred to run it in parallel in order to retain the full low-end frequencies of the instrument. The Mix-Blender™ will allow you to mix in the desired amount of distortion while also maintaining the original bass tone.

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