Key-Largo FAQ

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How does the Key-Largo sound quality compare to a typical PA mixer?

In simple terms, the Key-Largo is as good if not better! It has full scale internal rails for plenty of headroom and with the isolated Radial DI outputs, you will find the tone to be smooth.

Are the main outputs like a typical direct box?

No and yes. The Key-Largo can produce enough output level to drive a power amp or a set of powered loudspeakers. Yet, with a variable output control, you can turn the output down to accommodate the mic input on a snake. Because the outputs are isolated, buzz and hum from ground loops are eliminated.

Can I use the Key-Largo with guitars and basses?

Yes, however the input buffers are not designed for regular magnetic guitar pickups. To use a standard guitar like a Strat or Les Paul, you should buffer the signal first using a pedal like the Elevator.

Can I use the Key-Largo with an acoustic guitar?

Yes. So long as your guitar is active (has a built-in preamplifier) – as is common with most acoustic guitars that are made for stage use.

Is the USB connection plug and play?

On a Mac, the Key-Largo is plug and play. With a PC, drivers are required – These may be downloaded from the Radial website.

Can 48V phantom power on the mixer damage the Key-Largo?

No. The Key-Largo is equipped with protective measures against this concern.

Can I use MIDI to control parameters like the built-in footswitches?

No. The footswitches are mechanical, thus cannot be controlled digitally.

Does the sustain footswitch send MIDI command controls to other devices?

No. To send MIDI sustain messages to other synths, you would connect the Key-Largo sustain pedal to your main synth or controller and then derive the sustain data from the MIDI output on your keyboard to feed it to other synths.

The footswitches seem close to the knobs… is this a concern?

No. Radial has been building guitar pedals for well over 25 years and we are well experienced at positioning switches and knobs so that they do not interfere. Also, the knobs feature steel shafts to ensure their long life.

How can I prevent the Key-Largo from moving around on stage?

The easiest and most secure solution is to Velcro the Key-Largo in place.

Why is the power supply 15V?

As a line level mixer, maximising the headroom is critical. The 15VDC 400 milliamp supply provides plenty of power to accomplish this task. Inside, the Key-Largo steps up the rail voltage to +/- 12 volts for a total rail voltage of 24 volts! This makes it practically impossible to overload the input and cause distortion.

Does the Key Largo support iOS devices?

The Key-Largo is not supported by iOS devices. The USB connection on the Key-Largo was designed to be connected to laptop or a computer with a USB port. We do have other products, however, that will work with iOS devices such as the BT-Pro and the SB-5.

Can I connect a set of headphones to the Key-Largo monitor outputs?

No, while it won’t damage your headphones, the Key-Largo outputs will be too low to power a set of headphones.

Is the EFX send on the Key-Largo pre or post fader?

The EFX send on the Key-Largo is post fader.

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