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Can I use the Twinline with stereo effects?

The Twinline is a mono signal router only. That being said, you could use two Twinlines if you happen to have stereo effects loops on your two amps and link them together using a guitar cable so that they switch in tandem.

Can the Twinline run both effects loops simultaneously?

No. The Twinline will allow you to share one set effects pedals between two amplifiers, but will not allow you to have both effects loops engaged simultaneously.

What happens if both amplifiers are on at once?

The Twinline only has one active loop, therefore the loop that is selected on the Twinline will be the only effects loop that is active.

What is the phase invert used for?

When both amplifiers are playing at the same time, you will get a fuller tone when both are in phase with both speakers pushing towards you at the same time. Should one amp be out of phase with the other, this can be corrected using the phase invert switch.

Can I use the Twinline with an Axe-FX or Kemper modeler?

Yes! Many guitarists use modelers as their primary effects. These often have both unbalanced and balanced connections. The Twinline can be connected to suit.

Why does the Twinline employ a 15V supply?

In order to optimize the signal path, using a more robust power supply increases headroom and improves signal handling, which in turn reduces distortion.

Can I use a pedalboard power supply with the Twinline?

You can use standard isolated pedalboard power supplies to power the Twinline, as long as you ensure that you are feeding it 15VDC center pin positive. The best way to do this is with our StageBug SB-15, which will take two 9V outputs and convert them to 15VDC center pin positive. You can also use adapter cables that take two 9V outputs and supply 18V to the PZ-Pre. The internal voltage regulators in the pedal will convert the power to 15V, however, you will slightly reduce the lifetime of the regulators (from approximately 20 years to 18). As most pedal power supplies are center pin negative, ensure that you also use a polarity reverse cable to feed center pin positive to your Twinline.

When routing effects, can I use the balanced XLRs at the same time as the ¼” unbalanced connectors?

No. The recessed balanced and unbalanced switch on the Twinline allows only one set of effects send & return connectors to be active at a time.

Why are there no MIDI connectors on the Twinline?

As most MIDI footswitch controllers have contact closures that can do the switching, we felt that having a MIDI jack was less important than outfitting it with XLRs and being able to use the Twinline with studio effects.

What does the Slingshot do?

The Slingshot allows you to remotely switch the Twinline from your pedalboard by connecting another Slingshot-enabled Tonebone device, or any standard contact closure footswitch. This allows you to hit one footswitch on the Switchbone V2, Loopbone, or Cabbone and have your effects automatically follow the change.

How can I bypass the effects loop?

Two ways: You can use the EFX button on the front panel or you can connect an optional JR-2 remote with a TRS cable and mute the signal.

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