Active Reamp

Active Reamp

The Radial X-Amp™ is an active Reamper™ that allows the engineer to play a pre-recorded track back through guitar amplifiers and pedals. This opens the door to new possibilities and enhances the creative process so that your recording stands out.

  • Active Reamp® with two outputs
  • 100% discrete class-A signal path
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate noise
  • LED peak indicator and level control

Reamp for professionals

Following the critically acclaimed Radial JD7™ Injector, the X-Amp employs a unique class-A circuit design that has been optimized for use with guitars. Features include balanced line level input with LED peak indicator and level control, class-A circuit topology for optimal reach and frequency response, a transformer isolated output to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, a 180° polarity reverse switch to bring both amps into phase, and a dual ground lift switch for noise-free operation.

X-Amp Applications

Begin Reamping by first recording a DI track

Reamping Step-1

To Reamp, start by recording a dry track using a Radial J48 and splitting the signal. Record the wet track using a mic so that the guitarist can hear it. Send him to the beach!

Second step to reamping with the X-Amp

Reamping Step-2

Send the dry track back to the guitar amps and pedals using the X-Amp. Adjust the tone and move the mics around till it sounds right. You can always come back and Reamp later.

Reamping with the X-Amp

Reamping – Not just for guitars!

Try sending a vocal track into a Marshall® amp or a Tonebone Classic-V9™ to add tube warmth and grit. Take it a step further by sending your kick drum to a wah pedal. There are no limits!


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