HotShot 48V FAQ

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Can I use dynamic microphones with the HotShot 48V?

Yes, the HotShot 48V is designed to work equally well with both dynamic and condenser microphones.

Can I use line level sources with the HotShot 48V?

Yes, if for example you are using a vocal processor on stage with a line-level output, this can be fed to the HotShot 48V and successfully reroute the signal.

Are the outputs of the HotShot 48V mic-level or line-level?

The outputs are dependant on the level of the input source, so if you connect a microphone to the HotShot 48V the outputs will be mic-level, and if you connect a line-level source the outputs will be line-level signals.

If I want to send a signal to up to three destinations on stage, can I use two HotShot 48V units in combination?

Yes, you can connect Output-B of the first Hotshot 48V to the input of the second HotShot 48V, giving you the ability to route signals between three destinations.

Can I power the HotShot 48V using a multi-pedal power brick?

Yes, you can use alternative powering sources for the HotShot 48V, just so long as you ensure that it is connected to a 9-12VDC source with at least 500mA of available current and a center-pin negative 2.1mm barrel connector. Do not use a Radial/Tonebone 15V power supply as this may cause damage to the circuit board of the HotShot 48V.

How does the Latch switch work?

When the Latch button is disengaged, the toggle footswitch on the HotShot 48V acts as a momentary switch. This means that when you press down on the footswitch, Output-B will be activated, but it will switch back to Output-A as soon as you take your foot off the switch. When the Latch button is engaged, the toggle footswitch requires a single press to switch over to Output-B, and then it will hold on Output-B until the footswitch is pressed a second time.

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