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Radial EXTC Stereo

February 22nd, 2021

Radial’s EXTC Stereo 2-channel Guitar Effects Interface and Reamp Box is a stereo version of the company’s popular EXTC, a single-channel reamp box that revitalizes the use of legacy guitar effects pedals and stompboxes by enabling the units to be seamlessly integrated into a mix. The new EXTC Stereo allows connection of stereo effects pedals such as reverbs and delays to the line-level inputs and outputs of a console or recording interface, creating a wider range of stereo recording and reamping possibilities.

The EXTC Stereo is ideal for vocals, strings, or any prerecorded track where adding a fresh creative element to the mix is desired. Uses of the EXTC Stereo include sending drum overheads to a multi-tap delay pedal or breathing new life into a stale keyboard patch using an outboard flanger or chorus pedal.  

The EXTC stereo features both XLR and 1/4″ TRS connections for integration with any audio interface. Additionally, the unit provides send and receive level controls for optimizing the signal path through both modern and vintage pedal effects.

A wet/dry blend knob enables precise blending of the effects signal into the mix, with an EFX Loop on/off switch for quick auditioning. Additionally, front panel inputs and outputs allow quick and easy connection of outboard gear such as pedals and stompboxes.

“Too often, a new piece of gear is introduced that makes existing units obsolete,” said Jay Porter, senior product manager for Radial Engineering. “The Radial EXTC Stereo does exactly the opposite. It allows musicians to dust off beloved legacy unbalanced effects and stompboxes and inject new life and personality to a mix by incorporating them into the audio signal chain via the EXTC Stereo.”

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