JDI/J48 Legacy Gallery

September 29th, 2023

We love seeing photos of the Radial devices that are relied on everyday. Here are some highlights of DI’s found on stages and in studios around the world.

“I purchased my J48 in 2011, since then it has had a permanent place in my road case. I never play a gig or rehearse without it. It has always been the most reliable piece of gear I use in all the gigs over the years and always gets the signal of my bass across the way it was meant to sound

– Jonathan K (@4_strings_and_things)

“Four radial DI’s pictured. The three that are the most beat-up have been in my inventory since 2010. The one that looks the best lived on a guitar pedalboard that travelled the country several times before ending up in my mic bag in 2012. Countless gigs, it could probably stop a moving train if I needed to do that for some reason.”

– Jeremy Y (@brown.bear.sound)

“I’ve had it a long time. Countless shows and bands have used them and never had any issues. From being stomped on dragged around the stage it has never failed me. Working as a Live Sound Engineer I trust jdi and j48s to make the show happen every time.”

– Alex G (@orphanrosette)

“I’m gonna have to say that this guy has been rocking for close to 20 years & upwards of 2000-3000 shows if I had to guess. My J48 is my tried and true for my acoustic guitar. It just sounds amazing.”

– Patrick M

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