New Products at NAMM 2024

January 25th, 2024

We’re thrilled to reveal three new products at this year’s NAMM show!

Here’s a look at some brand new Radial solutions designed for both the stage and studio.

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Nuance Select – Studio Monitor

Hear What You’ve Been Missing

The Nuance Select is a studio monitor controller designed so you can hear every single detail through your speakers, with a distortion profile so low that it cannot be measured by most audio testing equipment.


  • Silently switch between two sets of monitors & a subwoofer
  • Dual stereo input sources with an assignable Aux output
  • Two independent headphone amplifiers with source selection
  • Ultra low distortion for complete transparency

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Catapult Rack – Analog Audio Over Cat 5

Cat 5 Audio Transmitter & Receiver

The Catapult Rack TX and RX are the latest additions to Radial’s popular lineup of Cat 5 compatible analog audio snakes. These passive devices utilize the four pairs of twisted wire within Cat 5 ethernet cables to send analog audio over long distances without requiring bulky and expensive multi-channel snake cables.


  • Send or receive up to 12 channels of balanced audio over Cat 5 cabling
  • Easily combines with any other Radial Catapult modules
  • Robust steel enclosure and locking Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • Reversible rack ears for optimal configuration with any setup

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Power-1 (220-240V) – Power Your Stage or Studio

240V Surge Suppressor & Power Conditioner

The Radial Power-1 220-240V is designed to provide clean and reliable power for both recording studios and live sound applications. Built for use in regions worldwide that utilize a higher voltage than the 120V North American standard, the Power-1 220-240V features IEC outlets and includes the matching adaptor cables for the region it is sold into.


  • Power conditioner & surge suppressor for use on 220-240V power grids
  • Made in USA MOV (Metal-Oxide Varistor) to protect your audio gear
  • 3 always-on front panel outlets and 10 switchable rear panel outlets
  • High rejection RF interference filter and front panel USB charging port

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