Power-1 Now Shipping

April 26th, 2022

Radial Engineering is excited to announce that the Power-1 — the company’s first-ever power conditioner — will be arriving in stores soon.

The Power-1 takes Radial’s reputation for reliability and rugged build quality and applies it to power supplies. Musicians, producers, and techs from all over the world know if they plug an audio cable into a device with the Radial logo on it, they’re guaranteed consistent, high quality sound. Now they can get that same feeling when they plug a power cord into the Power-1.

It’s common for anyone working in audio to amass a collection of gear worth thousands of dollars, which makes it imperative to protect that investment. A power surge can wreak havoc on delicate electronic components, and a spike of even a few volts can irreparably fry a circuit board. Even in the best facilities, accidents can still happen, which is why using a power conditioner with built-in protection is so important.

Power-1 Surge Suppressor

Radial’s aim with the Power-1 was to design a unit that a user can plug in anywhere with the confidence that their gear will be protected. This device provides significant advantages in performance, along with useful added features, to give amateurs and pros alike a source of clean, noiseless power. This is a power conditioner that will fulfill the everyday needs of gigging musicians, small to medium sized venues, studios, worship venues and commercial spaces.

As with all their products, Radial have sourced quality components that will stand up to anything that might get thrown at them. The MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) inside each unit reacts to spikes in voltage and ‘takes the hit’ immediately, absorbing the excess instead of the instruments and gear you cherish. Extra attention has been paid to this critical component, and the US-made MOVs used in the Power-1 were chosen to offer better thermal protection, and a longer lifespan, than cheaper alternatives. For an extra level of protection, a 15A circuit breaker is also included, shutting off when current exceeds that limit.

It’s not just protection that the Power-1 offers. Interference is the bane of front of house engineers everywhere, and the number of external factors that can affect power, especially in a mixed use venue, are endless. Overhead power cables, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, security cameras, microwaves… the list goes on. The Power-1’s built-in RF filter makes sure these signals are kept out of the power line, and out of the signal chain, all without affecting tone in the slightest. Musicians using the Power-1 won’t have worry about their amps picking up local radio stations any more.

In designing the Power-1, Radial carefully considered every aspect of use, to create a unit that’s a step up from a run-of-the-mill powerstrip. Several of the front and rear panel outlets on the Power-1 have additional spacing between them to accommodate wall-wart style power supplies, providing a simple but effective ergonomic benefit. Meanwhile, the easy access outlets on the front will supply power when the unit is switched off, handy when you need to quickly plug in a device and don’t want to power up the whole rack. A front-mounted USB outlet adds an extra power source for smaller devices, such as phones. And needless to say, the Power-1 has the rugged build quality that you’d expect from a Radial product. It can be rack-mounted and will stand up to years on the road.

The Power-1 is Radial’s first foray into the world of power, with more to come.


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