JX44 V2 Complete Guitar, Amp, and EFX Signal Manager Now Shipping

March 23rd, 2021

Designed to meet the needs of meticulous guitar techs and built to handle the rigors of concert touring, Radial’s new single rack space JX44 V2 is the professional’s choice for managing and switching guitar signals onstage. The JX44 V2 offers a wide range of features and performance enhancements for both performing artists and techs alike, including streamlined instrument hand-offs on stage and silent tuning during a performance.


Product Design

The JX44 V2 enables simultaneous connection and activation of up to four instruments or wireless receivers, with all inactive inputs automatically feeding a buffered Tuner output. No more squinting in the dark at micro-sized displays — the JX44 V2’s inputs and outputs feature large illuminated switches for instant visual feedback. Redundant front-panel input jacks accommodate last-minute changes on the fly.

Radial JX 44 stacked

The unit handles complex effects routing requirements with ease, providing connections for a local stereo EFX loop and the ability to assign individual EFX channels to any amplifier for wet/dry/wet setups. Remote pedalboards can also be added without signal loss or degradation using the optional SGI-44, giving an artist control over pedal FX without sacrificing tone.



Four unbalanced outputs are all isolated with premium Jensen transformers and feature ground lift and 180 polarity reverse switches, ensuring seamless multi-amp setup playback without phase issues or ground loop noise, hum, or buzz.

Radial JX 44 tilt

Functional Pairing on Stage

A selectable Radial DI box output provides a direct feed from acoustic instruments to FOH. The output can be tied to input-4 or fed from all the instrument inputs as needed, making it suitable for recording an entire performance for future Reamping purposes.

The JX44 V2 can be used on its own for complete stage control, or it can be used in conjunction with optional Radial JR-5 remote footswitches for guitar and amp switching. A MIDI 5-pin connection allows for operation via MIDI controllers and foot pedals.

An internal power supply for the JX44 V2 allows standard IEC cables to be employed for ease of use with worldwide concert touring.

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