5 Ways to Use the Hotshot 48v

Radial Hotshot 48V

March 16th, 2021


The Hotshot 48v is an easy to use microphone switcher that allows the use of either condenser or dynamic mics to be sent to two  different destinations. JayLeonardJ got the chance to try one out and here are his “5 Ways to use the Hotshot 48v”


1. Music Director

The most common application is one that allows a singer to switch the XLR output to either the FOH or in-ear monitors to give cues to the rest of the band. This gives more flexibility for any band during the set as communication is a must and sometimes a hand signal or raising up the guitar isn’t always enough. With the latching or momentary option and LED, you can easily use the Hotshot 48v and be confident which channel you are going to.


2. Multi-Effects Routing

Getting creative with vocal tones and effects can lead to new challenges as for a FOH engineer. Instead of relying on them to ride a fader, simply connect the Hotshot 48v before any vocal effects to have correct gains set at the mixer on two separate vocal channels. Harmonica players, Talkbox or simple vocal dynamic changes can be easily controlled by the press of a button.


3. Talk-Back Mic

The Hotshot 48v can also be used as a simple ‘push to talk’ switch that can be used with a talk-back mic in the studio. Give direction to the talent by holding down the footswitch in the momentary mode, make your comments and then release. This will ensure that the talent is only hearing the important notes and isn’t hearing any bleed or extra noise while they are performing.


4. Cough Button

Another simple way of using the Hotshot 48v in momentary mode is using the switcher as a cough button. Great for live and podcasts where a simple press of a button will remove any unwanted noises.


5. YouTube Secret Weapon

Any YouTube creator who is using multiple microphones and even performing music has to make edits in post to ensure the correct audio feed is being highlighted in the final video. This requires hours of editing the audio tracks to make sure the active microphone is in use.  Quite often condenser microphones are used out of frame to pickup the talents voice, the problem is since they are very sensitive microphones, amps or other loud sources can easily distort them. With the Hotshot 48v, not only does it supply the condenser microphone with the essential 48v to operate, you can also mute that microphone when it’s not in use to make editing a breeze.


Make the Switch

The Hotshot 48v is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to control the output of a microphone. Allowing you to send 48v phantom power to a condenser as well as being useful on dynamic mics like an SM58. Radial Engineering also offers the Hotshot DM1, a passive switcher that can be used in the same way for dynamic mics only.

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