Mitch Gallagher from Sweetwater demos and reviews the HDI by Radial Engineering.

Mitch Gallagher HDI

July 25th, 2021


“The HDI Studio Grade 1-channel Active Instrument Direct Box was designed by Radial to be their most impressive direct box yet. Equipped with top-notch components and a set of powerful controls, it’s easy to capture great tones with minimal tweaking. The Color control is especially useful because it blends the transparent clean tone with amp-like distortion. It has a custom output meter that makes it easy to monitor your level with a single glance. The HDI has mic and line-level outputs that give it even more versatility. When used onstage, you can send your direct signal to the FOH engineer, eliminating the need to mic up your amp.”

Mitch Gallagher, Sweetwater


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