Radial on Record with Butch Walker

Butch Walker Radial on Record

July 23rd, 2021

On the latest Radial on Record, Jim Rhodes chats to musician and producer, Butch Walker, live from his recently-completed custom built studio.

Butch started his musical journey playing in the glam-rock band SouthGang, before going on to front the power-pop trio Marvelous 3 and release numerous solo records. He’s combined his own musical explorations with a prestigious studio career, writing and producing for artists such as Green Day, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Keith Urban, Fall Out Boy, Train, Pink and Weezer. In the video, Butch explains why he believes in staying musically curious, keeping your ears open to musicians from a diverse mix of genres and backgrounds, and how he tries to apply that open-minded worldview to his songwriting.

Butch is a long-time Radial supporter and his new studio is chock-full of Radial gear. Hear how the Key Largo & KL8 keyboard mixers allow him to add keyboards to a track at a moment’s notice, while a JX44 helps make it quick and easy to switch and audition amps. Just two ways Radial gear can improve your workflow in the studio. Butch’s new recording space is also decked out with a variety of Primacoustic acoustic panels to give him the ultimate bespoke ambience for recording.

Give the video a watch now to hear more from Butch, and check out his gear below.


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