Pete Thorn the Demo-lition Man

March 10th, 2018

Self proclaimed “Guitar Nerd”, Pete Thorn is a prolific axe-man who has been steadily making a name for himself in the guitar community. He has toured as the guitarist with the likes of Chris Cornell, Don Henley, and Melissa Etheridge. He is a columnist for Premier Guitar Magazine. Above all, his YouTube channel has become one of the most trusted resources to hear new gear being pushed to the limits.

Pete has been a Radial artist for years, using the MC3 Monitor Controller in his studio, and we were ecstatic when he posted a demo video of the Tonebone Elevator. The Elevator is a unique multi-level power booster and buffer to allow optimization between a guitarist, their pedals, and their amp. Check it out here:

So of course, we wanted to give him more toys to play with and see what he thought. So we sent Pete our Tonebone JDX Direct-Drive amp simulator. This is the video he came back with:

Thanks for the support Pete!

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