Radial: Proud to Share Your Stage

February 12th, 2024


From the first time you press record to the last tour leg, Radial is proud to share your stage. We’re dedicated to crafting the direct boxes that have become the industry standard for artists at every level. To commemorate this, we’re hosting a JDI giveaway!

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Proud to Share your Stage: JDI Giveaway


Radial is committed to crafting sound solutions that artists depend on. Since the introduction of the JDI in 1996 and the J48 in 2002, Radial direct boxes have set the standard for live performances and recording sessions by the biggest acts—a legacy we are determined to uphold.


Radial Artists



“I’ve used Radial devices in my studios for years now. Whether it’s for guitars, turntables or Reamping, I love the practicality and efficiency of their devices. Most importantly, with Radial sound quality is always a guarantee.”

– Mark Ronson



“I have found that with the Radial JDI direct box, my bass comes through extremely clean, very quiet, and with a smooth transparent low end. I use my Radial DI for everything.”

– Tony Levin


Lindsay Ell playing guitar


“Radial is gear that I can depend on every single show. We’re touring all the time, and no matter what system we are using, it’s nice to know whenever I go on stage, our Radial gear is going to sound great no matter what.”

– Lindsay Ell



“Radial gear is incredibly roadworthy and has improved my overall tone. I get less hum and buzz and a cleaner signal. Awesome! Radial gear rules.”

– Kerry King

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