The Tonebone Headlight is Now Shipping!

4-Play Direct Box

November 28th, 2016

Vancouver, BC – Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Tonebone Headlight™, a compact guitar amp selector, is now shipping.

The Headlight is able to sequentially activate up to four amps using a single footswitch. A second muting footswitch may be used for quiet on-stage tuning or switching instruments between songs. It can also be set up to turn all of the amps on at once.

According to Radial’s head of Artist Relations, Jim Rhodes: “Radial has been making guitar and amp switchers for years. But with more and more artists traveling on airplanes, concerns regarding extra baggage costs have become commonplace. We hear this regularly from the artists we work with and this resulted in our working to come up with a solution that is both compact and super easy to use. Depending on how many outputs are in use, the Headlight lets you advance through them using a single footswitch, while ignoring the ones that are not connected. This eliminates the typical four or five switches that are usually employed and reduces the size to accommodate a smaller pedalboard.”

The design begins with Radial’s legendary Class-A buffer circuit to eliminate distortion and artefact. This is coupled with Drag™ control load correction to deliver the natural tone and feel of the instrument. From there, each output is optimized to eliminate the hum and buzz that is commonly associated with ground loops. A series of ultra-bright LED indicators provide visual status feedback for the active outputs and mute function.  The Headlight is made from 14-gauge steel to ensure the protection against outside stress. This also shields the inner workings from external magnetic fields. Power may be supplied by any standard 9V PSU (not included) or by a typical multi-pedal power brick.

MAP: $169.99 USD

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