2-Channel Dante Network Transmitter

Two Channels of Analog Audio over Dante

The DAN-TX2 is a 2-Channel analog-to-digital converter that allows you to connect any line level source to a Dante or AES67-compliant network.

  • Connect any line level source to a Dante network
  • XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and 3.5mm input jacks
  • 24bit/96kHz analog to digital conversion
  • Handles signal levels up to +24dBu
  • Compliant to AES67 specifications

Seamless network integration

The DiNET DAN-TX2 makes it easy to transmit two channels of high quality analog audio over a Dante or AES67-compliant network. Multiple input options are provided, with Balanced XLR/TRS connectors for professional audio sources, and a 3.5mm aux input for connection to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Trim controls and pad switches are included for each channel, with a link switch to simplify control for stereo sources. The RJ45 network connection is compatible with Neutrik etherCON connector carriers to prevent accidental disconnection and protect cable terminations, and redundant powering is available for critical applications by using the included external power supply and Power over Ethernet (PoE) simultaneously. The DAN-TX2 can be mounted in 19" equipment racks with the optional SA series rackmount adaptor kit.

DiNET DAN-TX2 Applications

Using the DAN-TX2 with stereo sources

Connect laptops or audio interfaces for easy integration with a Dante network. Engage the Link switch when using stereo sources to control both left and right inputs with the level control and pad on Channel 1.

DiNET Dan-TX2 application image

Using the DAN-TX2 with mobile devices

A 3.5mm stereo Aux input allows you to easily connects laptops, smartphones and tablets to a networked audio system without the need for special software or equipment.

DiNET Dan-TX2 application image

Using the DAN-TX2 for balanced professional audio

The balanced XLR/TRS inputs on the DAN-TX2 can handle signal levels up to +24dBu, allowing any balanced analog mixer, recorder or playback source to be quickly connected to a Dante network.


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DiNET DAN-TX2 Resources

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